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Douglas Nies@ 8:48pm 11-28-2009, IP:
Hi Set Free Woman’s Ranch,
Douglas Nies here. You have been taking care of my wonderful Wife Sandra Nies (Sam) since November 17. Thank you so much. She has been fighting the devil all her life. Myself and our children are in Fort Mohave AZ. Let her know we LOVE her very much and are very PROUD of her. Our Church, Set Free Mohave, is Praying for her every day.
Love, Doug, Joe & Alexis + Kooper.
MatthewJones@ 10:27am 11-28-2009, IP:

I do not know whois doing these things lattely but this is Matthew a long lost voice from Denver things are great here with an exception. Tell my popa pastor marty his grandchildren a butiful and we all still love jesus.
Terri Nilson@ 9:34pm 11-02-2009, IP:
Hey Pastor Willie,
Terri Nilson here, asking you to change my mailing address so i can get set free's letter. It's always uplifting, and cause i miss everyone, it helps me kind of visit with them tell everyone hey for me and tell them i love them. God bless, you, Pas
Terri Nilson 1200 Riverview Drive Bullhead City, AZ 86442 928-219-4832.
victoria escalante@ 12:15am 10-18-2009, IP:
I would love to receive the newsletter.
becky morgan@ 8:47pm 10-02-2009, IP:
i would love to get a newsletter. i grew up in the yuciapa church with my parents lori and john mccarver. i haven't been back since i got married and moved to SD. miss you guys!
Tish Marie Hutchinso@ 6:29am 09-21-2009, IP:
My family (husband and kids) live in Riverside. We heard about setfree when we lived in San Bernardino and our church just shut down so we are looking for another church and am very excited about the new adventures in god's plan.
Janiele@ 2:34pm 09-02-2009, IP:
I would like a newsletter please My husband an I were in set free about 8yrs ago we had our marriage councling there . . We have a great life know we have two beautiful children,own our own home . &somehow God led us to Idaho were my husband has started a new painting company.I just found out ther is a set free in Caldwell Idaho . We hope to support them . Janiele lee Hartsough
Stacey Lynne Gregg@ 6:51am 08-15-2009, IP:
I am here in Palm Desert. I would love it if you could please e-mail me the SET FREE news letter. May God bless you always.

Stacey Lynne Gregg
olivia lopez@ 7:40pm 07-31-2009, IP:
Hi would you please send me a news letter for the month of april 2009 untill i die unless you can deliver them to heaven where i will be after i die of course. Hi everybody old and new.

Love you & god bless you
Olivia Lopez
Lisa Burney@ 12:14pm 07-16-2009, IP:
Hi I am interested in getting your monthly newsletter. I was once a overseer at one of the womens home in Yucaipa in the 90"s. Then moved to Set Free Berdoo and started working in office with Linda, I was in charge of the monthly newsletter and other things Sisters in service
Great to see you all still going strong.

God Bless
Lisa Burney Morgan
richard & angela@ 10:38am 07-10-2009, IP:
interested in your monthly newsletter. Thax
John Myles Wacaster@ 8:47pm 06-21-2009, IP:
I own the ZionsGate podcast on Podomatic. When looking over friend requests I came upon yours, and went to your site. I am very blessed and encouraged by what you are doing. Saved in 1974 out of drugs and the occult, I have been writing music out of my faith for 30 odd years. I have also seen much of what is happening in churches. I am always encouraged when I see someone "doing" the gospel as well as believing it. Grace and peace be multiplied unto you in the name of God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Love in Jesus, your brother, John
Set Free Idaho@ 6:48am 06-18-2009, IP:
Hey was up
Mark Stringer@ 11:37am 05-28-2009, IP:
15118 Elm Street
Cabazon, CA 92230
Ed Hubbell@ 12:13pm 05-19-2009, IP:
It would be an honor to receive the newsletter. If possible give my regards to Pastor Marty.

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