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cesar lopez@ 1:23pm 06-17-2017
i gotto get backon course, the ranch!
Rachel Sevier@ 11:11am 06-09-2017
My mom and dad went through set free in cabazon and my brother went through firebaugh. My parents were both drinking heavily and on drugs our whole lives. Pastor Carl gwaltney in Modesto took them to the ranch back in '04 and it completely changed my family dynamics. My parents are both deceased now, both taken from cancer. I feel like I owe my life to Carl and set free. My parents died clean and sober and most importantly they had relationships with the lord. However, set free Modesto is in danger. Pastor Carl is moving to Colorado and there is no one suitable to take his place. He may even end up having to sell the buildings. I feel like it is my personal obligation to keep set free up and running and back to its prior shape. The people of the church have dwindled over the last few years, it has become stagnant. The buildings no longer house men who want to make their lives different and get right with the lord. My husband is also up for the job, were just praying for god to lead us in the right direction. If anyone has any advice or words of wisdom, please contact me asap. I'd really hate to see this church disappear, we need all the help we can get. Thanks and god bless, Rachel (209)206-2335
TASHINA GILLEY@ 2:36pm 08-10-2015
I just wanted to say thank for all that the church did for my father, Darrell Wayne Gilley. He spoke very highly over everyone at the church and he became a better man because of you all. I also would like to say the memorial was very beautiful from what i seen of it and that all the stories moved me to tears. I would have loved to have been there and got to meet everyone but with my finances and my health i couldnt make the journey. I just wanted to say THANK YOU and hope to meet everyone one day
Sandy Lane@ 6:50pm 01-05-2014
Hello everyone, I, like a lot of others hit bottom. I thought since I quit drugs on my own I could quit drinking too. Haha, ya, no. It just doesn't happen that way. I finally decided I needed to get into the Ranch. It was awesome. Mind you this was in 1990. The bathroom was an outhouse biggest outhouse I ever seen and that was also our shower, hot water poored down from a hole in the ceiling, wow did that feel good on that dusty ranch. Our food was unrecognizable but the cook? (also named cook)was good. My favorite was beans and rice and Jesus Christ which we had a lot of. My bed? It was the floor of an old trailer with holes and no furniture just my blanket and my pillow what a blessing. My favorite part of that ranch was a cross out in the yard(dirt yard) where you would go when in need. I was there a lot. I am blessed to have been a part of such an experience of the Lord at work.
ADRIAN NAVARRO@ 5:27pm 11-20-2013
still fighting to stay off drugs, pot, alcothol, staying with grandpartens temperaly not for long don't know where what to do I will keep on trying to keep off drugs all family has wash hands off of me want noting to do with me don't blame them heard of your church program will you call me 909 795 5944 thanks. i'm 21 years old
Diane Donnelly@ 4:17pm 10-12-2013
I would like Pastor Willie to know about this. My son. Scott Dennis lived at your (2001-3?) church & was in Mainstream Ministry's. You gave him the best life possible for the rest of his life. He was born to be in the Church. I am forever greatfull! Scott passed away on Aug 3rd, 2013 @ 42yrs.I don't have a cause yet, probably heart or asthma attack while in the river. His family is crushed...Please say a prayer for us. You people are the best thing that ever happen to Scott & his family. I will be back..i am unable to finish this. Diane Donelly
Sandra Lee@ 4:19pm 06-03-2013
I would like some information on the set free ranch for men in Cabazon. I live in Banning and I have a neighbor who told me about you place a few days ago; it was after another episode with my significant other. In the past 3 or 4 years I have had to call 911 or take him myself to the hospital for his overdrinking. I am at the end of my rope. The last time was January 1st 2013. He spent 3 or 4 days in the hospital and we tried to get him into a place in Riverside but they no longer take alcoholics. He was doing well for 2-3 months after that but I have noticed that these past two months at least that he is sneaking and getting it somewhere. I see the traits and he tells me I'm crazy. hen I finally get him to admit that I am right I ask him what we are going to do and he says I don't know. He has a lot of medical problems because of a serious back problem and that is when all this started (to this degree). He has not worked in 4 years at least, so I am the one who provides for him. I told him that I have done all I can to help and that things have to change or else. Five time to the ER is way to many. He really has no place to go without me there to take him in. I don't want to see him in the streets because I still care for him but it is too hard to live with him when he is drunk. I use to like to have a bear once in a while, but I do not have any, any more for his sake and yet he finds a way to get some for himself and hide it. I was told by my friend that there is help for this in a Ranch in Cabazon. What can you tell me? I need help. I am retired have only enough financial income to do the basics and he has nothing coming in. So I cannot afford one of these expensive addiction sites. I did buy the book ending addiction for good and read it but he has not read it yet. I keep trying. but I need help. God bless you for all that I see you've been doing and are still doing in God's work.
Becky Stinson@ 1:16pm 03-07-2013
I thank God for this ministry and the people God placed here and this particular time. He knew when I was coming and just who I would need to help guide me back to Him! I came here completely broken all the way from Southeast Texas and received a healing that only God could have given me. I stayed at the ranch four months and it was the most amazing experience of my life! Thank you Set Free!
jack hyde@ 8:12am 03-06-2013
i had the blessing of meeting and staying with pastor willy and his family back in 94&95 ii was saved and baptized at set free and to day i still thank set free for bring me to GOD god bless you willy(dude) and his family love you all and you are always in my prayers
Raymond A. Taylor@ 2:31pm 11-11-2012
I was at the cabazon ranch then moved into the work home there in riverside then continued into the food distribution with Pastor Kenny a few years back down memory lane & I really enjoyed it so much that I stayed on there for 2 years. Thank you Pastor Kenny and Willie for bringing me into the fold & helping all those souls when others turned us away. Keep up the Lord calling into being Set Free for life. Sincerely Brothers in Christ, Raymond A. Taylor AKA: RayATay
daniel inglett@ 8:36pm 10-17-2012
i went to the ranch a few years back left after 3 weeks had a great time no longer struggleing with addiction just the carnage it leaves behind thinking about attending service on sunday still not free from worldly ways i keep feeling somethings not right in my life i'll keep praying for guidince i keep trying to blame others for stuff i think its just hard to deal with being around family who are ex users also .thanks for listening and god bless..
Lesa Adams@ 1:44pm 10-11-2012
Thanks for everything Set Free has done in all of our lives. I appreciate Pastor Willie, Pastor Sylvestor and Pastor Phil so much for teaching me about Jesus. Happy Pastor Appreciation Month! God Bless.
Darrell Hartley@ 3:35pm 09-22-2012
Good afternoon and praise the Lord for you and the incredible ministry that the Lord our God blessed you with. May you continue to bask in His abundance, glory and peace now and always. Remain SET FREE!! "He has set his people free and has made an eternal covenant with them. How holy and mighty is He!" -Psalm 111:9
benard siame@ 4:11pm 07-12-2012
i want to work with your ministry
Sarah@ 2:43am 07-07-2012
I just found this church and already cannot wait to come to a service. I had been searching for a church and I feel inspired by what I have seen and read. It makes me excitied about worship. Thank you!

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